10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeep

4 Feb, 2022

Jeep vehicles are priorly known for their excellent design and strong off-road capabilities. Its design makes it distinguishable from the crowd whereas its brilliant performance makes it perfect…

Jeep vehicles are priorly known for their excellent design and strong off-road capabilities. Its design makes it distinguishable from the crowd whereas its brilliant performance makes it perfect for any kind of adventures trip.

You may have heard a lot about the iconic Jeep models and their features, but there are more exciting things about the heroic SUV cars that you may want to know.

If you want to know those exciting things about Jeep, we will be helping you with that.

We present you with the top 10 things you probably may never have heard about Jeep.

Stay till the end and share with us which of these facts was the most surprising to you!

  1. Military Roots

The first-ever Jeep model was surprisingly created by the American Bantam Car Company based in Pennsylvania. It was designed for military uses in July of 1940 when the US Army intended to replace their existing motorcycle fleet with a new military vehicle.

Its first model was sent to the US army camp Baltimore in 1940, however, the production was eventually controlled by the Willys-Overland.

Immediately upon the army publicly advertised an invitation to the car manufacturers to summit a military-grade vehicle in which the Willys-Overland won with the original ‘Jeep Wrangler’ model.

2. The Original Jeep Model Was Designed in Two Days

The United States, with its involvement in WWII, was in desperate need of a lightweight, four-wheel-drive vehicle. There was a need to replace the older T’s Mode as soon as possible.

Immediately on July 17, 1940 ‘Karl Probst’, who was an automotive pioneer and an American freelance engineer, created a design for a barely-solvent truck company named Bantam. The design was completed just two days later and by July 22, the whole proposal was handed to Uncle Sam.

3. Signature Grille Designed for Ford

The most distinct feature of the Jeep model is its signature front grill design available with integrated headlamps. The theme was priorly intended to be used on Ford models.

Jeep vehicles became later available to the public in 1944 when Willys-Overland introduced the CJ – Civilian Jeep. The CJ- Civilian Jeep featured an additional tailgate and was available without any military hardware. In 1953, Willys-Overland was sold to Kaiser Motors where they changed its name to Willys, then to Willys-Jeep, and eventually dropped the name to form the Jeep brand.

4. Wrangler Initially Consisted Square Headlamps

Along with their iconic seven-slot grilles, wrangler was initially founded with square headlamps before they came with round headlights. Between 1987-95 Wranglers had square eyes. To distinguish it from the old Civilian Jeep, Wrangler had square headlamps and it stayed until 1995.

5. Used for Mud-Slinging

You may probably have heard that Jeep is one of the best off-road vehicles which drives the best for muddy and rocky roads. However, rushing through the off-road trails in America wasn’t the only way Jeep tested its performance in mud and dirt.

The Jeep Vehicle was used to insult the Chevrolet Corvette model by Enzo Ferrari referring to the Jeep as “The Only American Sports Car”. The mud-slinging was a way to hurt the Corvette, but it definitely uplifted the confidence of Jeep.

6. The 1996 Jeep Wrangler is Nowhere to Be Found

The 1996 Jeep Wrangler was one of the most popular Wrangler models of all time. The YJ model ended in late 1995 whereas the first TJ model appeared in the spring of 1996 as the ‘97’.

The new TJ Wrangler was the Jeep’s attempt to return to the Wrangler’s root. The rectangular headlamps from YJ were replaced by the round headlamps. Plus, the new Wrangler came with an advanced coil-suspension, roughly taken from the Jeep’s Grand Cherokee. With all these changes you won’t be able to find the actual 1996 wrangler in the market. If someone tries to sell you the ‘96’ wrangler they might be lying or mistaken.

7. Jeep owners are all over the map

Willys-Overland was purchased by Kaiser Motors in 1953 which was then finally sold to American Motors Company. The American Motors Company was then bought by Renault and then Chrysler. Ever since Chrysler is detained by Daimler, the US, the Canadian governments, and finally Fiat.

8. The Door Taken Off

Jeeps Wranglers are one kind of vehicle that stands out from every other SUV in every aspect. Saying this, these are the only vehicle in production that is made to have their doors taken off. The doors when taken off, transform it to a straphanger crossover, giving the Wrangler its iconic look that is ruggedly capable of driving on any kind of off or on-road.

9. Almost Everyone Tried to Replicate The Original Jeep

After the popularity of Jeep, pretty much every brand tried to copy the original Jeep. Toyota even used “Jeep” in its advertising till the attorneys convinced to change it to Land Cruiser. The Land Rover also had at least a few alterations on Series I.

10. It All in The Name

As already discussed, Jeep is very popular for being the boss of off-road vehicles, and what makes it even more popular and appealing is the names of every individual Jeep model. It can be seen that the brand names every model of their carefully, representing its special traits.

Coming to the Rubicon model, the brand was struggling to come with a perfect name for the model that could describe its ruggedness and capabilities. After deliberately analyzing, the name ‘Rubicon’ was chosen for the new rugged Wrangler. It was named after the ‘Rubicon Trail’, which is the most rugged off-road trail in the world.

Similarly, each and every individual Jeep model are named uniquely that attempts to describe its qualities and capabilities.


And hence these are the top 10 things about Jeep that you may probably have never heard. These facts explain that Jeeps are one of the toughest vehicles available out there that are not only pleasing to the eyes but also have a great historical journey.

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