How to Unlock Your Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Keys Inside?

20 Jul, 2022

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What if you had your keys in a locked car and you don’t have any idea that how can you get out of this situation? Obviously, it will be a little hard to handle. But sometimes, you may have been in situations where things go out of hand and you get stuck inside your car or locked out.  But as always, we got you covered. So, today, we will be looking at how to unlock your Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Keys Inside

It’s always a good habit to lock your car door and take the keys with you. But then it happens! You get into your car, lock the door and then decide to stay inside for just a minute or two to catch a breath before leaving your workplace. And that moment of forgetfulness turns out to be a little too long. Soon you realize that you’ve left the keys in your vehicle. Your heart begins beating faster and sweat starts dripping down your forehead as worries begin to run through your mind. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but we understand how you feel when you leave the keys inside the locked car and wonder what should be done now.

A majority of us are guilty of not locking their keys inside their car. Whether you’re a young adult or an elder, it is a silly mistake that everybody makes at some point. It’s normal to forget to lock your doors and move on with your day. However, if you have locked your keys inside your Jeep Cherokee, here are some clever ways for unlocking it. Don’t worry about being stuck with the key inside because of the numerous ways to unlock it even with the keys in it.

Ways to Unlock the Jeep Cherokee With the Keys Inside

How to Unlock your Jeep if you lock the keys in it. You can retrieve your keys even if they’re inside your locked car. Anyone who owns or rents an SUV cars or a truck will be faced with this problem sooner or later. Here’s an easy and simple way to retrieve your keys when they are locked inside the car, without damaging the vehicle and using only common household tools.

1. Keep your keys on with you:

As we all know, keys can be dangerous when left in cars. One common scenario is to set them down on the vehicle seat and exit without realizing they are there. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations. It is always wise to hold onto your keys when removing them from the ignition, or at least have them in hand before exiting the vehicle. Another option is to put them in a safe spot, such as your pocket or purse.

Always remove your keys from the ignition when you exit your vehicle. Put them in your pocket or purse, in a designated spot, or hold them in your hand, then walk away from the car.

2. Always use the fob to lock the doors:

When you’re locking your vehicle doors, be sure to press the lock button on your key fob. (Some cars have this function built in.) This way, it won’t matter if you have your keys with you or not.

If the locking mechanism can be easily reached by the driver while they are seated, they can use their key to lock the doors. Everybody should keep their keys on them at all times, so that if they lose them, they will not be able to lock their car doors.\

3. Using a Screwdriver:

To open a car that uses a screwdriver lock, place the screwdriver at the keyhole of the lock and jiggle it back and forth. Try to engage as many pins as you can. Move the handle of the screwdriver around while you do this so that you can work on multiple different angles. Doing this will increase your chances of breaking open a padlock.

Opening a lock with a screwdriver requires inserting the blade into the keyhole and shaking the screwdriver back and forth. It may take some time to open the lock, but if you realize that you only have one shot at the task, you may want to jiggle the screwdriver in an alternating pattern.

The shimming method is a popular, albeit unorthodox, method of opening locks. The process of using a shim to open a lock generally involves creating a narrow canal—called a keyway—in the lock by filing away the metal. By doing this, the lock will be more susceptible to manipulation but also more prone to damage, so it is recommended that an experienced person perform this task.

4. Using a Hammer

Using a hammer to tap on the side of a Master Lock will sometimes break the lock. To use this method, place the padlock in a corner and hold the back end of a hammer near its top. Tap the hammer vigorously on the back of the U-shaped shackle until you hear and feel it break. Never aim to break just one side, as that could create further damage and make your car harder to open.

5. Use Uconnect:

To unlock a newer Jeep Cherokee with the Uconnect, press the vehicle icon at the bottom of your screen and select Unlock. If you have a subscription to Uconnect, you can use this feature. Other connectivity features may also be available, depending on your model and options.

6. Make sure you have a spare key:

It can be expensive to replace a key when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. Especially if your keys have a fob or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, the cost of replacing the entire remote control unit can be rather high. It is best to avoid locking yourself out by having spare keys made ahead of time. It is also important to keep those spare keys in an accessible place in the event that you do lock yourself out.

It’s a good idea to have a spare key in an accessible location in case you lose your keys. Some ideas for places to put your extra key include your kitchen, bedroom, back pocket, or hidden on your car.


Naturally, these methods and techniques will not eliminate the need for a locksmith but in particular circumstances, the methods mentioned above are very helpful. Hopefully, the next time whenever you lock keys in your Jeep, you can have a solutions to open the lock.

The purpose of this article is to let you know that there is a simple method of retrieving your keys without damaging or destroying the Jeep or otherwise spending money unnecessarily. So now when you lock your keys in the car, you can relax because you can get to them without too much hassle. Hopefully, this will help someone before they get too frustrated trying to figure out how they are going to get their keys before they freeze.

Even if your keys are inside the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can still unlock your car in a number of ways. You may plan to use a slim jim to gain access inside but that isn’t even required because you can use these methods as an alternative. If you want to know further more about Jeep vehicles then you can contact Jeep Nepal which is authorized showroom for Jeep vehicles in Nepal.


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