Jeep lovers gather to form ‘Jeep Club Nepal’

Jeep Club Nepal

Kathmandu, 12 December

With the objective of escalating the off-road culture and living the Jeep brand to the fullest, Jeep owners of Nepal have formed a social community called ‘Jeep Club Nepal’.

Jeep enthusiasts gathered in the ‘Jeepers Meeting’ organized in Kathmandu to form Jeep Club Nepal on Friday. The members of Jeep Club come together for their love of Jeeps to explore, raise awareness for trails and adventures, and to share knowledge amongst each other for the best off-roading practices. 

‘We will be organizing outdoor events and meetings to learn more about Jeep vehicles and experience their true capability,’ Dr. Saurav Krishna Malla, a Consultant Radiologist and owner of Jeep Compass Trailhawk said.

‘In Jeep Club, Jeep owners will learn about four-wheel driving, go for trail and will involve in community activities.’ said Mr. Sudeep Devkota who owns a Jeep Compass SUV and works in Ncell.

‘Jeep Club is a perfect place to learn about four-wheel off-roading, pursue social and recreational activities and promote family togetherness,’ he added.

“We are happy that our customers have united to form an adventure group that will enhance the Jeep brand image & Jeep dealer in Nepal in the Nepalese market and will add the value to the ownership experience.” said Mr. Anish Lamichhane, CEO, MAW Life, ‘We believe that this club will be pivotal to educate our customers about Jeep’s legendary capability and to increase customer engagement.’

In the world context, Jeep Clubs have been around just as long as Jeeps have been on the road. The love of Jeep’s started with World War II veterans who had fallen in love with the vehicle during the war.

When the war ended and the soldiers came home they started running into each other on road at local stores and off the road on local trails. Bonding over their shared love of Jeep’s and adventuring off-road these owners started planning weekend trips to hit the trails together.

Eventually, these owners went on to form Jeep Clubs in their areas. Today, there are hundreds of Jeep Clubs all over the world.

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