Jeep’s New EV Crossover Is on The Horizon: Here is What the Excitement Is About

30 May, 2022

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One of the first pure electric Jeep crossovers is coming in the first half of 2023. Everyone probably expected this EV crossover to be a Jeep Wrangler crossover but this time it is rather a small and compact Jeep model.

This new addition to the lineup has not yet revealed its name. And all you can see in the photos, the vehicle being small and cute, visually similar to Renegade, and somewhat rounded.

Read more till the end to know about the exciting Jeep electric model and what’s makes it so special and globally wanted!


This isn’t the first EV crossover we have seen from Jeep. We saw in early 2021 the EV concept to Jeep was debuted in a six-speed manual Wrangler, a Grand Cherokee PHEV with a network of EV charging stations at all-terrain trailheads located throughout Utah and California.

The parent company of Jeep, ‘Stellantis’ has released an exciting preview of the upcoming electric Jeep crossover. Stellantis is the leading global auto manufacturer company that was created with the union of Fiat Chrysler and French automaker Groupe PSA.

The EV Jeep brand is expected to be officially launched in the early 2023s. And for now, you can all do is observe its cute, charming looks and find out what could be the interesting features and qualities of the gorgeous Jeep EV.

Design and Looks: What We Know About

We have simply seen the exterior design of the upcoming EV Jeep. More details are still yet to come to you. However, we can simply let you know what we know about the vehicle.

The new crossover simply suggests it is likely to resemble a scaled-down version of the Jeep Compass. As you look at its front design, you can see its seven-slot signature grille is closed and pulls out a small ‘e’ badge detail.

Its headlight on the edge of either side features a hilltop like DRL, with two main lights underneath. You can see a sporty hard-top stance on the back of the electric SUV. It looks cool and sleek with its wide posture and its firmly designed headlights. Its large wheel arches are beautifully filled with big wheels.

The Jeep’s X-signature is also featured with a confided advent.

Talking about its roof design, its split-tone roof design gives the EV crossover an adventure, sporty look. Its rear door handles can be seen to be placed on the C-pillars instead of the doors which gives it a 3-door appearance.

The C-pillars are also likely to improve the drag-co-efficiency feature of the compact SUV. Overall, we can conclude that the crossover features an all sleek, sporty, and conventional outlook.

What is Yet to Be Revealed?

We already discussed what we know about this new upcoming Jeep’s EV. This part discusses what is yet to be revealed about the vehicle.

The badges on the car include the standard Jeep brand logo like all its model but we can also see a small ‘e’ badge at the front and back of the crossover. The production model name is not revealed or suggested what it could be named yet.

Back in August 2021, Stellantis announced its protocol to be a truly industrial champion in environmental mitigation by becoming fully carbon-neutral by 2038. For this, the company proclaimed its plan to deliver 20 brand new plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) along with battery electric vehicles (BEV) covering its Jeep and Dodge brands between 2021 and the middle of 2023.

The model is expected to follow the same platform under the Stellantis upcoming models’ including the new-generation Peugeot e-2008 or the Alfa Romeo Brennero.

The Jeep BEV applies the Stellantis’ STLA Small platform design that is used on cars like the Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa e, and the Citroen DS3 Crossback. But none of these came with a dual-motor option.

While all the Jeep brand SUV cars models came with all-wheel-drive, the platform that the Jeep is likely to use may not be able to serve the feature. Still, the feature is likely to be modified to a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system as it would be peculiar for an electric Jeep to have a single front motor-only.

What is Interesting About this New Jeep EV?

One of the most popular American SUV brands Jeep wants to swap its regular gas crossovers to a more sustainable green electrified vehicle. In order to maintain its off-road authority and as well as influence their customer with an eco-friendlier choice, Jeep is delivering more EV crossovers.

Jeep currently offers 3 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and a new PHEV of Wrangler SUV. According to the CEO of Jeep brand Christian Meunier these few electrified vehicles are just the starting point of the brand’s plans and he presents his perception for Jeep to be the greenest SUV brand across the globe.

“Our vision is to be the greenest SUV brand in the world, we have a very strong plan to deliver that through a lot of exciting products in the pipeline,” he told CNBC.

The new Jeep EV brings a more sustainable comfort with its stealthy and excellent rock-climbing performance. As it will be responsible for zero emissions, the Jeep 4×4 capability is taken to the next level.


With these few details about the new Jeep’s EV, we can spot that the fascinating crossover is going to be one of the best sustainable vehicles with excellent off-roading capabilities.

Its visible “e” logo in the closed-off grille, trademark it as an electrified vehicle. While its iconic grille headlines along with daytime running lights and its popping yellow colour are giving it a sporty and charming bold look.

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