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14 Mar, 2022

Contents1 Jeep Lineup Overview:2 Latest Models of Jeep2.1 1.    Jeep Wagoneer:2.2 2.    Jeep Grand Wagoneer2.3 3.    Jeep Renegade2.4 4.    Jeep Gladiator2.5 5.    Jeep Compass:2.6 6.    Jeep Wrangler:3 Discontinued…

Jeep Lineup Overview:

Jeep has a stellar SUV Cars lineup that is known for off-road achievements and can compete with any on-road thrill-seeker with regards to its power.

If we are talking about capable off-road sport utility vehicles, there’s no doubt Jeep comes to mind. And, when a product lineup consists entirely of SUVs, including fully qualified trailblazers, commuter-friendly crossovers, and practical routes, it’s only rational for us to consider Jeep.

The majority of the 2022 Jeep lineup can be customized to fit your individual lifestyle, whether you prefer to drive on the track or in the outback.  Thus, Jeep models offer their owners a versatile collection of hardy, military-inspired cruisers that will carry them to the ends of the earth and back to the garage in style.

So, we have covered the different types of Jeep Lineups which are depicted below:

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Jeep Commander
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Liberty

Latest Models of Jeep

1.    Jeep Wagoneer:

Jeep’s new 2022 model, the Wagoneer, is a luxurious SUV that’s 10 inches longer than the Grand Cherokee L. It seats eight people in three rows and also features a ladder frame chassis with independent rear suspension.

This mild hybrid system features a 5.7-liter gasoline engine with electric assist, providing 392 horsepower and a powerful 404 lb-ft of torque. This combination helps to give the Wagoneer a laudable maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, thanks to the 48-volt mild hybrid system.

The new Wagoneer not only honors the original Jeep SUV of 1963, but adds leather upholstery and a wide array of driver-assist technologies. It can be ordered as a 7-seater with rear bench seating or with front bench seating.

It’s important not to confuse the new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer with the new Grand Wagoneer. Although both models are similar in size and will arrive this year, the Grand Wagoneer is a more luxurious 4-wheel-drive (4WD) version powered by a 6.4 liter V8 with 471 horsepower.

2.    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

In its pursuit of luxury, Jeep enters uncharted territory with the new 2022 Grand Wagoneer. While it is similar to its more mainstream counterpart, the Jeep Wagoneer, the Grand features more luxury appointments.

The big Jeep has 471 horsepower and four-wheel drive to match. It comes with a spacious interior and three rows of seating for the whole family, plus a number of high-tech features to keep the entire family entertained.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer takes full advantage of all the latest driver-assistance technologies as well as its ability to tow almost 10,000 pounds to continue to conquer a whole new frontier: high-priced luxury motoring.

3.    Jeep Renegade

With the 2022 Jeep Renegade, a larger infotainment system is standard, the Latitude trim comes with an Altitude package featuring black styling, and the Limited trim gets some new styling touches.

Renegade looks like a smaller version of Jeep’s larger SUVs. Its design makes it attractive.

Aside from Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille and flared fenders, the Renegade has a boxy silhouette, chunky body cladding, and Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille. From the outside, it looks as if it’s just the subcompact SUV version of Jeep’s larger SUVs.

The changes for the 2022 Jeep Renegade seem like small changes, but in reality, they result in a vehicle that feels like an entirely new vehicle when compared to the one before. With a turbocharged engine, an 8.4-inch touchscreen, and a smaller lineup, the SUV will appeal to more people.

4.    Jeep Gladiator

Those who love Jeep’s brand will not hesitate to sacrifice comfort for utility and coolness in the 2022 Jeep Gladiator pickup truck. Considering how much more versatility it offers over the popular Wrangler SUV, that sacrifice should be easy for Jeep fans.

The Gladiator is not just able to play in the dirt and mud, but it can also tow two tons more, and it has a cargo bed adding another dimension to its skillset. Sure, the Wrangler is nimbler on the trail, but the Gladiator’s longer body adds another dimension to its capabilities.

The model makes up for it with off-road ability and charisma, which have earned it plenty of fans. The Jeep gladiator price is fair as it provides the superb functionalities with infotainment. This year’s model gets only minor updates, including more informative infotainment.

5.    Jeep Compass:

The 2022 Jeep Compass gets a redesign that includes an updated interior with a new digital gauge cluster, a new infotainment system and new safety features.

The number of trims has been reduced from seven to five, with the Latitude Lux slotting right in the middle. The Compass is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations.

The current base trim level is now called the Sport. It comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, fog lights, active grille shutters and manually folding side mirrors. The top-line High Altitude trim has 19-inch wheels, automatic wipers and heated side mirrors. Other trims get chrome accents such as on the door handles and liftgate trim.

The Compass seats up to five passengers and comes standard with cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats. Interior options include leather upholstery, power-adjustable driver’s seat and heated front seats. The rear seat is roomy enough for two adults, but the cushion is too low to be comfortable for taller folks on long trips.

6.    Jeep Wrangler:

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport is an off-road SUV that shares little in common with other vehicles on the road. Its name is synonymous with off-roading and adventure, and the 2022 model continues to be a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

It offers a variety of powertrain options and an extensive array of standard and optional features, as well as multiple trim levels.

The Sport is available as a two-door with seating for four passengers, or as a four-door with seating for five passengers. The two-door model has a wheelbase of 95.4 inches, while the wheelbase of the four-door model is 116 inches. In either case, buyers who want extra interior room should choose the four-door unlimited model over the two-door Wrangler.

Discontinued Models of Jeep:

1.    Jeep Liberty:

The Liberty is a compact SUV that was first introduced in 2001 and was sold through the 2012 model year.

The Liberty was designed to replace the Jeep Cherokee, which has since returned, and offer a more affordable alternative to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A very capable compact SUV, consumer reviews hail the Liberty as dependable, fun, and affordable.

But since the Liberty ultimately lasted until 2012, you can always find a newer version of that discontinued crossover for more updated features at an affordable price. Though it only lasted for two generations, the popular Jeep Liberty sold more than one million units and is routinely reviewed as a solid used car option.

2.    Jeep Commander

The 2008 Jeep Commander is a midsize SUV, which can accommodate up to seven passengers in three rows. The same year, the Commander was available in four trims: base Sport, mid-tier Limited, luxurious Overland and the sporty Rocky Mountain Edition.

The Commander is a straight-off-the-line SUV. It’s not a refined vehicle. Whenever you want to go in whatever weather conditions it is efficient and safe. In that sense, it is perfect for families looking for a do-it-all vehicle with no frills or fuss.

A few months after the Commander was first introduced, Jeep released an Overland edition which included a 5.7 liter V8 engine, leather upholstery, wood grain trim, and a navigation system.

It might be worth looking out for this model if you’re car shopping on the used market.

3.    Jeep   Patriot:

The Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot are two of the most similar models on the market. The only significant difference is price. If you’re shopping for a discontinued or used vehicle, price is often the deciding factor, so the Patriot may be the better choice.

The Patriot is an older model, but it still has some great features that make it worth a second look.

The fuel efficiency is great, with an estimated 23 city and 30 highway miles per gallon. At the end of the day, you really need to test drive these vehicles before you make your decision, especially when you’re considering fairly similar options in the Patriot.

4.    Jeep   Compass:

The Jeep Compass is a compact crossover SUV that debuted in 2007, and was updated for the 2017 model year. It’s still possible to purchase the Jeep Compass right now, but this is its final model year, which makes it a good time to buy an “old” Jeep before it deteriorates further.

In the Jeep lineup, it’s safe to say that the Compass has been overshadowed by the Commander. At least, in terms of attention, since this is one model that has never really made a splash in the world of Jeeps.

Like any Jeep model, it comes with “Trail Rated” 4×4 capability and safety features like electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes. The cabin includes standard air conditioning with a filtration system and an audio system with 6 speakers.


After analyzing the information above, it should be clear that the Jeep brand is one of the best brands. Time and time again, Jeep vehicles have proven their worth on both the tracks on road or off road. This is why we recommend that if you are in the market to buy an SUV in 2022, you should look into the Jeep models first. They are safe, long lasting, stylish, and well-equipped for both urban and rural life.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle that can withstand any trial or one that you can use to commute to your next adventure, Jeep is the brand you need. Not only does it offer all-terrain versatility, but its lineup is relatively affordable.

Jeep is a brand that’s been doing the right things for a long time, and the further that they have come, the more it shows in their lineup.

There are few brands out there that can match Jeep when it comes to SUV versatility, leaving any vehicle geeks salivating at the chance to take one out for a spin. If you’re one of these individuals, we highly recommend taking a look at what Jeep has to offer—you might just visit our Jeep showroom in Nepal for the latest models.


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