Should You Buy New or Used SUV? 10 Reasons To Purchase A New SUV In 2021

24 May, 2021

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Are you in a dilemma whether to buy new or used SUV? Well, buying a vehicle is a big investment. So, better to think wisely before purchasing rather than repenting it later. Having your SUV is exciting but either to opt for a new or used SUV is the biggest concern.

Some might suggest you buy a new sport utility vehicle whereas others might recommend opting for a used sport utility vehicle. If you are planning to buy the best SUV 4WD in Nepal and in the situation of having to choose between a new or used SUV, then it will be helpful to know both pros and cons of buying them.

Pros of Buying New SUV

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • More reliable than pre-owned
  • New Features
  • Advanced safety features
  • Less maintenance cost for few years
  • No secrets like those that might be revealed later in the case of used SUVs
  • Maximum choices
  • Abundant reviews available for new SUV

Cons of Buying New SUV

  • More expensive
  • Higher insurance and tax costs
  • New SUV depreciate more quickly as compared to old SUV.

Pros of Buying Used SUV

  • Cost-effective
  • Lower insurance rates and tax costs
  • Slower depreciation

Cons of Buying Used SUV

  • Higher maintenance cost in the long term
  • Unknown mechanical history
  • Higher interest rates are charged by lenders due to unpredictability in the value of used SUV’s.

Everything has pros and cons. Buying new and used SUVs have their own pros and cons. However, as per our suggestions opting for a new SUV will be better because of its many advantages.

Let’s discuss some good reasons for purchasing new than a pre-owned one.

1. Manufacturer Warranty

If your new SUV develops a fault, you can completely lean on the manufacturer’s warranty to fix it without any charge.

A new SUV comes with a warranty. Buying a new sport utility vehicles with a warranty is something that comes guaranteed. They mostly offer at least a warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles of coverage.

New vehicles are perfect if you want peace of mind. Warranties could be highly beneficial to you, saving you huge maintenance costs over the year.

2. Reliability

Another reason for anyone to opt for a new SUV is that new SUV are more reliable than used one. You are spending thousands of dollars while buying one. If you are spending such a hard-earned amount, then surely you want something in return.

Well, new one offer everything you dreamed of. Brand new SUV are mostly befitted from years of state-of-the-art manufacturing process and design expertise. 

Presently, maximum SUV owners enjoy the level of reliability of brand new not found in older ones.

3. New Features

Perhaps, buying for the new means searching for the latest features. Every gadget newly introduced comes with a better version than earlier ones. The same happens in the case of new SUV.

Buying a new SUV is the ultimate way to get the latest technology features. Many new tools freshly introduced in a new vehicle have more user convenience features than the older ones.

4. Advanced Safety Features

New SUV are equipped with possible safety features for your safety. Some of the advanced safety features you might have in your new sport utility vehicle are:

  • Blindspot detection
  • Lane departure alert
  • Stability control
  • Antilock brakes
  • Backup Cameras

Many affordable new SUV have great safety features. Survival in any sort of major or minor crash is only possible if your vehicle has advanced safety features.

So review each vehicle’s safety and latest technology features before buying.

5. Less maintenance cost for few years

Buying a brand new SUV means you are getting a vehicle that has not been on the road. A new SUV often comes with a maintenance plan.

New SUV dealership will work with you till the length of the warranty period.  Thus, at least for few years, you will have stress-free driving.  

You are also equally responsible for keeping your vehicle in good condition. Make sure to take your vehicles for recurring maintenance.

Maintenance includes a change in brake pads, change oil, and many more. At least between the powertrain and limited warranty, your vehicle will have less maintenance cost.

6. No Secret

Seeing the recently maintained vehicles, how will you know their previous damage and accident? Their freshly cleaned-up look can delude you.

Anything buying old or used can have many secrets behind it. You will never know until it is revealed.

We often tend to believe whatever is said. Sometimes, the emotional value will also allow us to trust other words. So better to avoid all sorts of secrets of a used SUV by purchasing a new one.

7. Maximum Choices

The choices of pre-owned vehicles are limited in comparison with brand new ones. In the case of used vehicles, you have to choose whatever color and style is available. The choices are more with new SUV.

There will be a maximum possibility of availability of vehicle with your preferred features in a SUV showroom. Even though if they don’t have the exact vehicle at the time, they will find it for you later.

Hence, buying a new SUV is the only way to get the best options you want in your vehicle.

8. Better financing

For buying a new sport utility vehicle, you will likely get a loan at a better rate from many financing companies as opposed to buying pre-owned ones. This is because you require to finance more money in case of a new SUV than used.

9. It’s New

The feeling of owning a brand new SUV feels magnificent. Much emotional attachment will be there.

You can drive a lot of miles without worrying, as it’s a brand new vehicle without any flaws. Chances of where you’ll go are endless.

10. Review

Sport utility vehicle buyers can search online and you will find details of each SUV. You will find many videos and written formats for clearing your doubt before purchasing. The salesman will also help you in finding the best SUV for you.

A wide variety of sources have reviewed each SUV based on their experience. Review it thoroughly and make a worthwhile decision.

Currently, it’s even possible to have your new Jeep SUV at your door without visiting the vehicle showroom.

Decided to buy a new SUV? Make sure you know what you want. Hope our information will help you to make your choice when it comes to buying a new or used SUV.  

Jeep Nepal is here to help you in choosing the best Jeep SUV for you and your loved ones. Your preference is our priority.


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