Seven Real Reasons Why You Should Buy a Jeep SUVs

2 Aug, 2021

Contents1 7. Affordable Maintenance, Parts, and Accessories2 Why is Jeep so popular?3 Does Jeep last long?4 Is Jeep reliable? Are you planning to buy a Jeep? If yes,…

Are you planning to buy a Jeep? If yes, then you’ve made the right choice. Jeep really has no alternative.

Jeep vehicles are the most reliable and tough vehicles that perfectly suit any season and every age group. Jeep is one of the well-established and recognized automakers throughout the world.

Founded in 1941, the Jeep brand has still managed to maintain a positive image and strong following at present. The Jeep has never failed to amaze the public with its classic design and plenty of outstanding features.

There are tons of reasons why people jump to Jeep SUVs quitting their previously owned vehicles. Check out these seven convincing reasons to buy a Jeep SUV as your next vehicle.

  1. Variety

Today, there is a wide variety of Jeep SUV cars available in the market. Some of the most prevalent models are iconic Grand Cherokee, rugged Jeep Wrangler, classic Jeep Compass, and compact Jeep Renegade. All of these models have different specifications, price ranges, and trims.

Moreover, even the legendary Wrangler comes with various varieties, like Rubicon, Sahara, Sport(x), and Limited.  If you want to love adventure and enjoy driving off roads, then Jeep Wrangler perfectly suits your needs.

Furthermore, Jeep also comes with different colors and a wide array of advanced and unique features.

2. Versatile

Another main reason to buy a Jeep is the brand’s versatility. Jeep is a flawless vehicle for both wild adventure and everyday driving purposes.

If you need vehicles for family use, then a Jeep would be the right option for you. This is because the iconic Jeep fits many passengers and has plenty of safety features. It also comes with extremely comfortable seats and a huge cargo capacity.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for SUVs with the top off-road trails, then also iconic Jeep is best as it is mostly designed for road trails and other outdoor purposes.

3. Handle any Weather

One of the best-selling features of any Jeep model is its capability of handling any weather situation. A Jeep model comes with five driving modes: Auto, Rock, Sand/Mud, Snow, and Sport modes. Availability of these modes gives Jeep owners the confidence to handle almost anything nature sends on the way.

Jeep is not only a great vehicle for on and off-road, but these SUVs are best for any harsh weather conditions like snow, ice, and flood too. Jeep gives the much-needed legendary traction, excellent ground clearance, and outstanding water fording abilities to ensure safe driving.

Apart from this, Jeep models come with Selec-Terrain Traction Management System which gives power and capability to tackle a variety of prevailing road conditions.

4. Incredible Towing Capacity

Some people require a huge towing capacity in an SUV to haul more gear. If you’re one of them, then you can’t go wrong with a Jeep. This is because all Jeep models come with an incredible towing capability. You can just get a trailer and tow it by your Jeep vehicle.

Most of the Jeep SUVs can tow more than 2000 pounds. For instance, the Wrangler Unlimited has a towing capacity of 3500 pounds. This towing ability clearly indicates that you can tow almost anything by your Jeep.

5. Outstanding Safety Features

In addition to the excellent handling, towing capacity, and versatility, Jeep also comes with a lot of safety features. Its smart design and taller seating make people more comfortable while traveling. Apart from comfortable seats, it also offers many safety features.

Some of these features include,

  • Dual Frontal Airbags
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Three Points Seat Belts
  • Child Seat Tether Anchors
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Parksense Rear Park Assist System
  • Parkview Real Back up camera

Of course, there are many other safety features that Jeep models offer. Moreover, Jeep manufacturers are still working to add more features to maximize the safety measures and minimize the risk.

6. Affordable Price Considering Value

Many people assume that Jeep models are quite expensive seeing their appealing design with a unique look and outstanding features. However, it is not true at all. Jeep is one of the best SUV cars which have a cost-effective rate.

No matter if you have a limited budget under $30,000, there is still a number of options available. Some of the relatively affordable Jeep models are:

  • Classic Compass worth $21,095
  • Rugged Wrangler worth $27,495
  • Iconic Renegade worth $18,445
  • Legendary Cherokee worth $ 24,000

This fair price rate clearly shows that you can still buy a Jeep, even if you are tight on your budget. The American-made Jeep vehicles have great value for money and are highly durable.

Isn’t it appealing?

If yes, then consider a Jeep this time and get the good value of your hard-earned money.

7. Affordable Maintenance, Parts, and Accessories

Jeep is a trusted American brand and no doubt that they have constructed their vehicles with long-term durability in mind. Jeep vehicles can easily last for more than 5 years and if maintained well, they can last over 20 years. And the price for maintenance of these SUVs is also not high. It cost only $200 a year on average to maintain a Jeep vehicle.

Furthermore, Jeep is made with simple construction, and its parts are designed to fit several Jeep models. This makes the maintenance cost of the Jeep more affordable and readily accessible everywhere.

The Bottom Line

We hope all of these reasons make it pretty clear that why Jeep folks opt for Jeep. With top off-road trails, outstanding driving capabilities, specialized features, and a wide variety of options for every budget, there are no other SUVs that can replace the Jeep.

Buying a Jeep, the best SUV in Nepal is like buying an all-in-one package. Sensibly designed, Jeep is the kind of vehicle made for real life as it has the elegance of both adventure and fun.

Finally, if the features of a Jeep vehicle suit your needs, then you should probably go with Jeep. At Jeep Nepal, we offer a wide range of the best Jeep models with various colors, features, etc.

Remember Jeep Nepal for buying top Jeep models at the best SUVs price in Nepal.

For more information, feel free to contact us so that we can further clear your doubts if you have any regarding Jeep and help you to get your new Jeep faster than you think.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jeep

Why is Jeep so popular?

Jeeps are popular nowadays for their excellent handling, iconic looks, great value for money, and off-road capabilities. They have always maintained the same high standard of features, power, and rugged looks.

Moreover, their tons of upgraded functions like excellent engine, towing capacity, and amazing safety features are simply incredible.

Does Jeep last long?

Of course! Jeep is one of the most durable SUVs among four-wheeler vehicles. If the jeep is well maintained, then it can last more than 20 years. Moreover, Jeep is not only the longest-running vehicle but it is also the SUV with incredibly high resale.

Is Jeep reliable?

Yes, Jeep vehicles are very reliable. Their durability, affordable maintenance parts, and outstanding off-road ability make them the most reliable SUVs so far.


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