Top Best Luxury Vehicles above 60 Lakhs in Nepal

12 Jul, 2021

Contents1 Jeep Compass Sport Plus – Rs 75,90,0002 Sportage Kia – Rs 78,95,0003 Compass Longitude Plus – Rs 89,90,0004 Tata Hexa – Rs 91,55,0005 Jeep Compass Trailhawk- Rs…

Many people dream of owning a luxury car. Nothing gets more comfortable than a high-end luxury car. These cars are packed with the latest technology and provide you with the best driving experience. In this article, we are going to discuss the top luxury vehicles available in Nepal above 60 lakhs.
People want to buy a luxury car for so many reasons: reliability, social status, resale value, and much more.
Luxury cars are often made from the highest-quality interior materials and have high-end features that may not be available on the low-priced models. They provide an increased level of comfort, quality, better performance, and status for an increased price.
Their ride is better than that of regular cheap cars and they produce less noise while you are on the road. The differences help the shoppers spend the extra money and choose the luxury cars.
So, without further ado, let’s explore our list of top luxury cars.

Jeep Compass Sport Plus – Rs 75,90,000

If you are looking for the best and affordable luxury car, then the Jeep brand is a great place to start. The Compass Sport Plus from a popular Jeep brand is the first luxury car on our list. It possesses a luxurious interior design followed by a comfortable, wide seat with leather upholstery.
The midsized crossover comes with a dual-panoramic sunroof for extra fun and a luxurious experience. The pulse-pounding speakers are the cherry on the top.
The Sport Plus comprises an adjustable cargo space to give you extra space.
It has got a high-tech safety feature including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind space monitoring, and much more.
The crossover has a responsive 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen and seats up to 5 passengers.
Its youthful and adorable appearance and sporty look are enough to attract customers.
The Jeep Compass Sport Plus is available in Nepal for Rs 7,590,000.

Sportage Kia – Rs 78,95,000

Kia Sportage is a small compact SUV that seats up to 5 passengers. It is a versatile vehicle with good looks and a wide range of features.
The crossover comes with a tiger-nose front grill design and c-shaped lights on the exterior and the interior of the crossover has a solid and matt finish that looks and feels very luxurious.
The car has enough head and room space with a 7-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, an apple car play, and a DOB radio.
This crossover offers high-quality safety features including blind-spot collision warning, smart cruise control, and automatic braking system.
The overall review of this crossover is good enough and it would be a great choice for a luxurious car.
Currently, the Kia Sportage is available in Nepal for Rs 78,95,000.

Compass Longitude Plus – Rs 89,90,000

The new Compass Longitude Plus is very stylish and mature-looking. The two-dark grey contrast roof, a striking alloy design, and the finished design are ready to impress the customers. The exterior design is fitted with a pair of full LED package projected headlamps.
The car offers a very comfortable styling with premium interior designs. The interior is packed with electronically adjustable leather seats that are soft and ventilated for additional comfort.
It has got a dual-pane panoramic sunroof for open-air and fun and offers a more luxurious adventure. Also, it has a nine-speaker Uconnect audio system for the best sound quality.
The Longitude Plus also offers more cargo space to fit your all belongings and more headroom to fit all the rare guests and passengers.
This impressive crossover is priced at Rs 89,90,000 in Nepal.

Tata Hexa – Rs 91,55,000

Tata Hexa is a well-built, practical, and comfortable 7-seater SUV available in Nepal. Hexa is stylish and provides a rich and dynamic experience to the customers.
The exterior design looks sleek and stylish with an abundance of chrome and glass through it and also consists of a LED dual projector headlamp.
The interior cabin offers a sporty feel with all-black treatment and a good amount of soft-touch materials give a luxurious feel.
It comes with safety features like airbags, an anti-lock braking system, a rear parking sensors camera, and much more.
The Tata Hexa comes at Rs 91,55,000 in Nepal.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk- Rs 1,28,80,000

Another luxurious SUV from Jeep, the Trailhawk comes with an aerodynamic profile and a well-defined silhouette that makes it extremely attractive and recognizable. It has got a powerful and purposeful look that can make your head turn in the road.
The Trailhawk is a 5-seater crossover and its interior has a well-finished design, followed by comfortable heated seats. The seats are designed with hand-picked high-quality leather and provide comfort and luxury to rare heights.
The luxurious crossover comes with a lot of safety features to provide you with confidence and safety, and a rich driving experience.
The Trialhawk costs around Rs 12,880,000 in Nepal.

Hyundai Santa Fe GLS – Rs 1,46,00,000

Hyundai Santa Fe was named after the capital city of New Mexico, Santa Fe. It is a strong competitor of other discussed cars and is the most expensive one on the list.
The cabin of the 7-seater SUV comprises high-quality leather seats and offers a lot of space. The interior of the car has a super glossy surface and the leather seats are super soft to touch.
The front of the vehicle consists of a LED projector headlamp at the top and LED foglamps at the bottom. The front grille is large and has a super smooth silver finish.
It also comes with superb safety features like airbags, dynamic brake control, and stability control. Also, a 360-degree camera system and front and rear parking sensors are there to help you avoid minor bumps.
The crossover currently costs around Rs 1,46,00,000 in Nepal.

The Bottom Line

The above-discussed cars are in our list of the top luxury vehicles above 60 lakh in Nepal. A luxury vehicle can be a worthy investment if chosen wisely. The above list can help you decide to choose the best one.
If you have decided to buy one, make sure to do enough researches before actually purchasing a car. Also, remember to take a test drive to find the right fit, while looking for a car.
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