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20 Oct, 2022

Contents1 1.     Jeep Scrambler:2 2.     Jeep Liberty:3 3.   Jeep Commander:4 4.   Jeep Compass5 5.   Jeep Patriot6 Conclusion: The Jeep line is a great way to drive, but many…

The Jeep line is a great way to drive, but many consumers find it difficult to compare models. The Jeep brand has moved on and discontinued a number of models from its lineup.

The Jeep vehicles may be synonymous with dependability and durability, but that doesn’t mean that older models aren’t deserving of your consideration. After all, there is way more to the Jeep line than the ever-popular Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers. If you are one of those consumers who likes a recognizable brand, but wants something a little different when it comes to the model, you’re in the right place.

Like a fine wine, some Jeep models age better than others. After all, there’s more to the Jeep line than ever-popular Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers. If you’re one of those consumers who likes a recognizable brand but wants something different when it comes to the model — you’re in the right place. The question is, which Jeep model is right for you? Let’s take a look at four of the more recent Jeep retirees and compare what each one has to offer.

1.     Jeep Scrambler:

A sport-utility vehicle that served as the forerunner to the Wrangler, the

Jeep Scrambler CJ-8 was the Jeep Scrambler CJ-8. With rustic appeal and quirky styling reminiscent of outdoor fun in the 1980s, this combination between a pickup truck and a long-wheelbase CJ-7 was highly versatile and capable.

CJ8 models were produced between 1944 and 1986 by Willys-Overland, Kaiser-Jeep, and American Motors Corporation as part of the Jeep CJ model series. In these Jeep versions, flared fenders, fold-flat windshields, and the trademark rotating headlights characterized the vehicles as small, open bodied, semi-4WD off-road vehicles. CJ stands for Civilian Jeep, and is a commercial version of the WWII Military MB Jeep.

2.     Jeep Liberty:

The Liberty was introduced in 2002 and was replaced by the Grand Cherokee in 2012. The Liberty was the successor to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which had been released in 1999. The Liberty was also a part of the Jeep brand, but it was sold under a different name than its predecessor.

The Liberty is based on a modified version of the Grand Cherokee chassis which is used as the basis for other models such as Wrangler, Compass and Patriot. Compared to its predecessor, the Liberty has a number of features that are not available on other Jeeps such as Quadra-Trac four wheel drive system and 4WD lockup torque convertor (also known as Lockup Traction Control System) with Active Traction Management (ATM). The engine available on the Liberty is a 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine which produces 160 horsepower at 3700 rpm and 250 lb·ft (339 N·m) at 1700 rpm. Peak torque comes in at 280 lb·ft (373 N·m) at 2400 rpm. This engine is mated to an automatic transmission with shift mode select (SMES).

3.   Jeep Commander:

The 2008 Jeep Commander was the first model year that saw a significant change in the way that Jeep sold its SUVs. Previously, Jeep had only offered two trim levels of its SUVs — base and high performance. The Commander was a base model with only a few features.

The 2008 Jeep Commander is not a refined vehicle. This vehicle has four doors and five seats with front and rear captain seats. It also has folding third row seats that can be removed from the vehicle when not needed. The third row seats fold completely flat into the floor of the vehicle so that they are out of sight in most situations

A few months after the Commander was first introduced, Jeep released an Overland edition which included a 5.7 liter V8 engine, leather upholstery, wood grain trim, and a navigation system.

4.   Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a small SUV that comes in three different trims: 4×2, 4×4, and 4×4 Limited. It offers plenty of cargo space (16.9 cubic feet), and its rear seats fold down to give you extra room when it’s not carrying anything.

It also features an integrated roof rack with crossbars that can carry cargo up to 6.7 cubic feet. You can choose between two different engines: 2.4-liter four-cylinder or 3.6-liter V6 gas engine with automatic or manual transmissions (the V6 will come only with the manual gearbox). The 4×4 model can tow up to 2,500 pounds (1 ton) with its rear axle locked in place or 2,700 pounds (1 ton) using the front differential lock (which disengages the front axle).

It’s possible to buy a “new” Compass today, but this is the vehicle’s final model year, which makes it a good time to buy an older Jeep before it deteriorates further. The Jeep Compass may not be as luxurious as the Grand Cherokee, but it still offers plenty of amenities including standard air conditioning, available electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes.

5.   Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot is a familiar and reliable vehicle that is still a good choice for families. The Patriot offers great features, features, and comfort are all factors to consider when comparing vehicles. The Jeep Patriot is not just an SUV. It’s a more than capable off-road vehicle as well. And at its heart, it has a powerful V6 engine that makes it great for highway travel.

The Patriot has all the attributes you want and expect from a full-sized SUV. While it may have been replaced by newer models over time, you won’t have any trouble finding one that’s well maintained.


The Jeep line is a popular choice for consumers who want something different. With so many options, getting started can be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, this breakdown has helped you make a decisive choice and find the Jeep model that is right for you.

Jeep has been around for nearly a century, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick between the Wrangler and Cherokee. Every model on the Jeep lineup is a classic in its own right, and any one of them would make a great addition to your driveway.

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