A Complete Guide to Adjusting Jeep Roof

30 Jun, 2022

Contents1 Jeep Overview:2 Step-by-step guide to take out the hard-top roof:3 Procedures for putting on the soft-top:4 Conclusion: Are you planning to go on fun and adventurous tour…

Are you planning to go on fun and adventurous tour with your friends, where you can get some fresh air while enjoying the scenery?

Well, that is exactly how a Jeep is supposed to be driven when going on an adventurous trip!

So, if that’s the case, you may be curious to know about adjusting the jeep roof by removing the hardtop.

For your convenience, we will provide you with an in-detailed guide for adjusting your jeep’s roof. Stay with us till the end so that you will be able to adjust the roof all by yourself.

Get yourself ready to dive into the nature and feel that adventure with Jeep Nepal!

Jeep Overview:

Jeep Wranglers are often regarded as one of the most versatile and changeable vehicles available. The option to customize your vehicle based on weather and recreational activities gives it a significant advantage over other brands.

A Jeep is the luxurious SUV for outdoor enthusiasts, with the ability to convert into a soft-top roof or to completely remove the whole roof by taking out hardtop mounting brackets and other components. This hard-top can also be replaced with soft-top mounting if you wish to.

You don’t even need any specialized professionals to help you remove the hard top of your vehicle.

All that you will need is:

  • T-50 Torx Head bit (provided in Jeep tool kit)
  • Ratchet (provided in Jeep tool kit)
  • An extra person to help

Step-by-step guide to take out the hard-top roof:

Step 1: Unlock the freedom panels

Six L-shaped locks and two levers must be unhooked in order to do this. Unhook the latches beneath the sun visors and fold them down. Then, to unlock the freedom panels, twist the remaining six L-shaped locks to the open position.

Step 2: Keep the freedom panels aside

Now, your vehicle’s 2 freedom panels are completely unlocked. This can be easily removed so take out the driver’s side panel at first.

After that remove the panel of the passenger’s side. However, don’t forget to keep your panels in a safe place to avoid any damage.

If you only want the freedom panels removed, you can drive the car as it is now, or you can take out the entire roof for a more adventurous feel.

Step 3: Detach the electrical harness in the trunk and the windshield washer fluid of the driver’s side

For disconnecting the wiring harness, you need to push the red tab down of the jeep. Continue to push in on the red tab while withdrawing the wire.

Push the button on the cord while removing the wire to unplug the windshield washer fluid. Make sure to place both of them in the storage compartments just below their associated locations.

Step 4: Remove the six bolts located under the rear glass

On both of the driver’s and passenger’s side, there are 3-3 bolts. Remove the six bolts situated beneath the hardtop’s rear glass using the T50 Torx bit.

These bolts can be kept in the Roof’s storage container in the back side of the vehicle.

Step 5: Take away the hardtop holding bolts

Using the same Torx, remove the bolts that hold the vehicle’s roof in place.

You can see the bolts located on both driver’s and passenger’s side B-pillar. Keep these bolts again in the “roof” storage compartment in the back of the jeep.

Step 6: Remove the hardtop

You are all set to take out the hard roof now! With the help of your friend, just directly remove the hardtop roof of your jeep. It can be easier to remove

It may be easier to remove if you keep the back window open. To avoid damage, keep the roof in a secure location.

In case you want to put on the soft top, you just need to follow some procedures and you are ready to go!

Procedures for putting on the soft-top:

  1. Unlock the lever:

On each side of the soft top, push the lever to the unlock position. After that, double-check that the plastic sleeves are properly positioned over the folded sun-rider link.

  • Grab the soft top material:

Take out the soft top from its storage area at the back and fold it over the frame top.

Push the top forward until you hear a click while standing at the door. The sun-rider will be connected into the side-bow in this manner.

  • Move the sun-visors out of the way:

Pull the header and hook it into the front window latches once you’ve moved the sun visors, but don’t press the remaining locking mechanism all the way down.

To fit the remaining components properly, you’ll need some slack in the main top.

  • Open the doors:

Tuck the drip-rail retainers into the top door rails after opening the jeep’s doors.

  • Rear sails panels should be pulled down:

The top two folded extensions are the sail panels as you can see in the jeep.

Tug the back sail panels down over the taillights and fix them into their body retainer.

  • Install the quarter-windows at the back of your jeep:

Place them in their frame and attach them with the Velcro strip at the top. Tuck the door-rail retainer into the side door after zipping the windows at 2 inches.

In the frame-retainer seam, tuck the window retainer base. Securely close the windows, then fold the Velcro window covering into place by pressing along the top and along the sail panel to put the hook-and-loop fastener onto the window.

  • Release the inward part of the sail panel:

Open the back door of the jeep and loosen the sail panels by 2 inches or until the zipper can be seen, then open the back door.

  • Place the back window base into its parallel grooves:

Start zipping the window shut from the left side by inserting the back window base tailgate bar into its grooves within the back of the Jeep.

To lock the tailgate bar, turn it clockwise (towards you) and reattach the sail panels to the body retainers. Reposition the jeep’s sun visors after closing the header latches entirely. Make one last check to ensure that all panels are firmly tucked in.

Now you are all ready to go with soft top for your Jeep. This way you can put on the soft-top if you don’t want your roof to be completely removed while travelling.

You can put the Jeep’s roof back anywhere and anytime you want if you have the mentioned equipment along with you.


So, here you have a complete guide to adjust the Jeep’s roof according to your preferences. You just need to follow the mentioned steps to make changes accordingly.

We must say, the looks and coolness element of your Jeep can be dramatically changed by removing the hard roof or replacing it with the soft top.

If you find any problem while adjusting your Jeep’s roof, you are always welcomed to contact us at ‘9801145545’ or ‘01-4445545. You can also visit Jeep Nepal website for any further enquires such as Jeep vehicle’s features, specifications and current Jeep price in Nepal.


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