Removing the door on your Jeep Wrangler effectively

30 Jun, 2022

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When most people think of a Jeep, they automatically conjure up images of swaths of freedom, off-roading in the desert, and rugged adventurers surviving against all odds. There’s no doubt that these qualities have helped to cement the Jeep brand as one of the most iconic in the world today.

When you are looking for the best way to remove the door on your Jeep, it’s important to take a few factors into account. Unlike with most other vehicles currently on the market, when you’re driving a Jeep Wrangler, you have the option of removing the doors. This means that when you make that choice, you can have room to store other things in the back of your vehicle, and have more flexibility when you are driving around town.

There are many great reasons to remove your door from your Jeep Wrangler. More specifically, there are many great benefits that come from doing so. However, most people keep their doors attached to their Wrangler until they catch on to how many great benefits are available for them once the doors are removed.

How to Remove a Jeep Door?

Jeep owners are known for their creativity, and one of their most popular modifications is the removal of the roof and doors from a Jeep. The whole process can be done in a couple of steps, and every level of skill is needed to do it.  The very first part of removing the Jeep door is taking off the plastic cover that holds the wiring assembly out of sight.

After you’re done taking it off, you’ll want to disconnect the wire connection. After that, you’ll take off the strap that keeps the door from swinging too far. The strap is located on a hook that’s near the wire connection that you just took off. You’ll have to be careful doing all of this because the door can tend to swing and over-extend if you don’t keep an eye on it.

Jeep doors are simple to remove, and you will have all the equipment you need to remove them when you leave the dealership. The following are some of the process of removing the doors on your JEEP.

  • The door-removal supply kit should be located in your center console. Ensure that your windows are rolled down before you begin this process to prevent any possible damage to the glass.
  • The screws on the upper and lower hinges of the door should be removed using the number 50 torque head driver. Each screw should fit into the convenient tray found in the doorway.
  • Remove the plastic wiring cover next, which should come off by pulling straight back. Once the wiring is exposed, carefully unlock the wiring head and unplug the wires. The wiring connector can be stored in the lower door basket.
  • At this point, you will need a torque head driver number 40 to remove the screw from the door check.
  • Last but not least, swing open the door and carefully lift it straight up to remove it. This process is identical for the rear doors, though you’ll need to flip the front seats forward to access the wiring head in the rear.

Tool List for removing doors in Jeep

The process for removing your Jeep’s doors is fairly straightforward, but you need to follow a few steps to do it right. You won’t need much to remove your Jeep’s doors, and may already have everything you need in your vehicle’s maintenance kit.

Removing the doors on your Jeep is a simple process. It requires only a few tools and some basic mechanical knowledge. There are several reasons why you might want to remove the doors on your Jeep. You may want to add an aftermarket door, or you might be changing the color of your Jeep’s exterior. You could even be installing a new sound system that requires access to the inside of the door panel. Regardless of your reason, removing the doors on your Jeep is not a difficult task.

The Jeep’s doors are not that complicated to remove, and you may already have everything you need in your vehicle’s maintenance kit. But also make sure you have the following lists of tools to make your process easier:

  • Torx Wrench Set
  • Gloves (Optional)
  • Rubber mallet (Optional)

If you organize your tools and gear so everything is easily accessible, you will save time waiting for your kid or four-legged assistant to bring you sandpaper or a blowtorch. (You won’t need a blowtorch. Don’t let your kid hold the blowtorch.)

It would also be helpful if you had a flat workspace, such as a garage floor, driveway, or street parking space.

Is Travelling without the doors is safe?

Many drivers who take the doors off of their Jeep Wrangler wonder about safety. Although it’s true that your vehicle won’t be as safe as it was with the doors on, many of the onboard safety features will still function, such as front airbags and any advanced features that are equipped.

Keep in mind that some of the safety features are designed specifically to keep passengers inside the vehicle. If you roll your Jeep, having no doors means you can easily fall out of the vehicle. Additionally, if you have a side impact collision, there will be no door to protect you from harm.

Tips to Remove Your Jeep’s Doors

Here are some tips we’ve picked up along the way:

  • When you’re trying to remove the doors from the Jeep, park it on a level surface. You don’t want the doors to swing around while you’re removing them.
  • It’s best to remove the doors at home so that you can properly store them.
  • If you don’t have doors, check the weather report first. Replacing them in the rain is not an easy job.
  • Keep your fingers away from the hinge during this process. It’s easy to damage a fingernail.


In the end, there are numerous reasons people choose to remove the doors on their Jeep Wrangler. Perhaps you have always wanted to try it, but you were too afraid of doing so. Now that you know some of the great benefits that come from doing so, like better functionality and more storage space, you might consider giving it a shot.

Removing the doors from a Jeep Wrangler leads to a greater freedom of movement. Since the door is no longer there, the sides of your vehicle can be opened up. This allows individuals to easily move their belongings into their Jeep and out of their Jeep, as well as wheeling around their patio furniture when they are at the lake or on vacation.

Jeep loyalists will love the ability to customize their Jeep. Plus, those who have never owned a Jeep before may find that removing the doors from the Jeep Wrangler makes them feel more connected to the vehicle than ever before. Either way, having the option to create a Jeep without doors is an option that is worth exploring for any Wrangler owner.

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