Preparation To Make For Off-Road Ride On Your SUV

12 Jul, 2021

Contents1 Adjust your Suspension:2 Install a Skid Plate3 Upgrade your Tires4 Upgrade your differentials5 Other Safety Measures:6 Bottom Line Driving on off-road courses can be exhilarating. Whether you…

Driving on off-road courses can be exhilarating. Whether you plan to go for Kathmandu to Mustang trip, Jomsom to Tatopani trip or venturing into other off-road destinations, it is always a good idea to prepare your SUV for an off-road course with some substantial modification.

Even though today’s SUVs are equipped with powerful engines and other rugged features to conquer the difficult terrain, a few modifications will turn them into a perfect off-road beast.

It’s hard to predict what kind of road surface you’ll encounter when you’re driving off the beaten path, but these add-ons will keep you rolling along.

Find out what needs to be changed and modified in your Jeep Wrangler Nepal SUV for the safe and luxury off-road ride by reading our preparation steps below.

Adjust your Suspension:

Your SUV suspension system must be in good condition to smooth out the ride and keep the vehicle in control. Apart from providing comfort to the inside passengers, the suspension system improves the steering stability and provides good handling even on rugged terrain.

The suspension system connects tires with the road and control vehicle bounce, rolls, sway, drive, and acceleration squat.

Before heading for the off-road course, make sure to lift the suspension of your SUV from 1 to 4 inches to clear uneven ground easily.  This adjustment will help prevent undercarriage damage.

However, raising your suspension too high can make your driving more uncontrolled which may overturn your vehicle.

Install a Skid Plate

A skid plate is a piece of abrasion-resistant metal attached to the underside of a vehicle to prevent damage to the critical components when contact is made with the ground.

If you are an off-road rider, we think you know how important it is to have a skid plate installed on a vehicle.

Whether you are planning to take a ride to Upper Mustang, Ghandruk, Rara or other popular 4WD trails in Nepal, an installed skid plate will make your ride trouble-free. It protects your undercarriages from debris, dirt and rocks you might encounter on your way.

A skid plate can be a lifesaver in many situations as it deflects sharp and jagged edges away from your drive shafts, rocker panels, oil panel and fuel tanks when off-roading.

Jeep’s top-rated SUV, namely Jeep Compass, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, comes with a pre-installed skid plate for a safe and powerful ride.

Upgrade your Tires

Tires are an integral part of a vehicle as they are in direct contact with the ground surface, so extra care is required to ensure they are correctly inflated and free from any obvious defects.

Driving on defective tires can have a serious impact on your vehicle, such as rollovers, poor and unstable acceleration and deceleration, uncontrolled steering wheel, and tread separation that can cause a severe accident.

So for a smooth off-road trip, you need to check the air pressure of your tire.  It is also important to inspect for bulges, gouges, and other visually observable damage to save tires from minor impacts.

The large tires of Jeep Compass, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler provide better ground clearance and handle challenging road conditions. However, for long lasting flexibility and traction, they also need upgrades time and again.

Upgrade your differentials

Most standard SUV such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Compass is equipped with locking differentials that send most power to the tires to help your vehicle run at varying speeds.

The differentials are the study parts of your vehicle that ensure the right amount of speed is provided to your front and rear wheels via the engine and transmission.

To maximize your SUV off-roading potential, the differentials should be kept in good working condition as they are prone to wear and tear.

The locking differential is believed to be perfect for an off-road drive. It prevents the wheels from slipping when going around a corner and can easily tackle rocky, rough and mountainous landscapes.

Make sure your SUV is equipped with a locking differential, and if it’s already there, inspect it properly to keep your vehicle in motion.

Other Safety Measures:

Ensure that all your tires are inflated to the correct pressure before you head off. Have a fully loaded toolkit on board, and don’t forget an emergency gear kit such as the first-hand kit, fire emergency kit, extra water and more. You also need to carry a tire repair kit. However, if you are only going off for two to three days trip, you don’t need to pack all these. 

Always use as light alternative weight as possible. Remember, more invisible weight means less fuel use. 

So obviously, getting ready for an off-road trip involves a lot more than just prepping your vehicle. You’ll need to think about travel routes, communication, camping gear, and a stack of other factors. 

Bottom Line

If you own a Grand Cherokee, Jeep Compass or a Wrangler, you will find it easier to make these changes and ready your vehicle for a safe and luxurious off road ride.

Even in the case of normal SUV, these preparations greatly help to have a trouble-free and enjoyable drive.  

Following this principle is a great place to start. Check your SUV, fix it if necessary and remember to carry spares for emergency use.

Only use the parts and components manufactured by your SUV brand to ensure proper fitment. 

If you find it confusing or risky to make the changes mentioned above, consult with the automobile expert & Jeep Dealer in Nepal or let the mechanic carry your modification work.   

Wish you a safe and enjoyable off-road ride!


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